RFID Lab was established in the School of Packaging at Michigan State University by Dr. Robb Clarke in 1999. RFID Lab focuses on applied RFID research to develop understanding interaction between RFID and product, package, and distribution environment. The goal is to apply this knowledge to develop guidelines to assist RFID implementation as well as the solutions for RFID integration problems.

RFID Lab works closely with other facilities in the School of Packaging as well as on the campus of Michigan State University, such as Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and Supply Chain Management. This allows us not only to access various instruments but also to bring in expertise from other faculties.

In 2004, RFID Lab consists of Dr. Robb Clarke, a leading professor, and graduate & under graduate students. We have generated several publications and presentations. In Fall 2004, Dr. Robb Clarke offers PKG 491 (RFID for Packaging) as an on-campus class at Michigan State University to provide packaging student with more knowledge in RFID and to provide industry with the Packaging graduate with RFID background.



November 10, 2004 in "PackExpo" at Chicago, IL

"Lab Findings Warn of In Plant RFID Limitations"

By Dr. Robb Clarke

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