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  • Vorst, K.L., et al., A research note on radio frequency transponder effects on bloom of beef muscle. Meat-Science, 2004. 67(1): p. 179-182.

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  • The effect of tag orientation and package content on the readability of radio frequency identification transponders. Jeff Tazelaar, 2004 (Abstract)
  • Radio frequency identification transponder performance on refrigerated and frozen beef loin muscle packages. John Onderko, 2004 (Abstract)
  • Development of a material testing protocol for evluation of radio frequency transponder effects on bloom time of beef loin muscle. Keith Vorst, 2002 (Abstract)
  • A model for the implementatio of a radio frequency identification system into a warehouse environment. Michelle Ryan, 2002 (Abstract)


November 10, 2004 in "PackExpo" at Chicago, IL

"Lab Findings Warn of In Plant RFID Limitations"

By Dr. Robb Clarke

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