RFID Lab at School of Packaging, MIchigan State University does research to identify barrier in RFID implementation and provide solution to the RFID problem. We also offer testing service and contract research. Please contact us for any service request. Click here to see our facility.

The following is example of the research performed in our facility.

Current research

  • RFID & fresh produce
  • Antenna orientation effect on readability

Past research

  • The effect of tag orientation and package content on the readability of radio frequency identification transponders (Abstract)
  • Radio frequency identification transponder performance on refrigerated and frozen beef loin muscle packages (Abstract)
  • Development of a material testing protocol for evluation of radio frequency transponder effects on bloom time of beef loin muscle (Abstract)
  • A model for the implementatio of a radio frequency identification system into a warehouse environment (Abstract)

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November 10, 2004 in "PackExpo" at Chicago, IL

"Lab Findings Warn of In Plant RFID Limitations"

By Dr. Robb Clarke

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